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SySTOR DiscMaster DM-1200P 2 Drive Automated CD/DVD Publishing System with PicoJet Inkjet Printer

SySTOR DiscMaster DM-1200P 2 Drive Automated CD/DVD Publishing System with PicoJet Inkjet Printer
    Price: $5,995.00

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    Code: DM-1200P


    Systor Disc Publisher Promo


    Systor DiscMaster DM-1200P 2 Drive CD/DVD Auto Publisher offers a range of systems for every need and budget that includes 2 drive units with three print options. Systor DiscMaster 2 Drive CD/DVD Auto Publisher are ˇ®KVM' systems which simply need a monitor, keyboard and mouse for full operation and have optional free unlimited client utilities so a single machine can be utilized from any desktop throughout your organization.

    Systor DiscMaster DM-1200P 2 Drive CD/DVD Auto Publisher series CD and DVD automated publishing systems. Duplication, print and ripping in one desktop machine with optional unlimited client support for a powerful, flexible system – designed, developed and manufactured in the USA and supported worldwide.


    Large Disc Capacity:
    Offers huge 300 disc capacity - larger than many other competing systems

    Multi-drive duplication:
    2 CD/DVD recorders

    Embedded PC:
    System does not require an external PC for operation – all applications are self-contained utilizing an internal PC motherboard and operating system with Windows PRO

    Flexible operation options:
    Works as an auto-printer, auto-duplicator, or as a complete publishing system for duplication and printing

    Automated Robotic Operation:
    System runs duplication and printing applications through a robotic interface allowing for hands free lights-out operation.

    Hi-Speed Asynchronous Operation:
    Duplication Begins Immediately When Disc Enters Each Drive


    Comes standard with industry acclaimed Systor DiscMaster software supporting the broadest set of features and capabilities

    Supports Job Queues:
    Provides the ability to queue multiple jobs for unattended operation of multiple different duplication and/or printing assignments

    Supports Multiple Job Queues and Multiple Users:
    System is able to maintain multiple job queues for several users so that each individual user can maintain their own dupe and print files for use at a later date

    Intelligent Spindle select:
    Use CD's and DVD's at the same time and the system will select the media based on the master image.

    Multi Disc Master Archiving: :
    Stack and automatically read-in multiple masters and create ISO images

    Auto Text Log and .CSV Database Generation

    Maintains an extensive log file of the systems operations in both text format and exporting .csv format.

    Email Notification:
    System will email listed users notifications to report any potential stoppage in production.

    Lifetime Free Software Updates Available:
    Update software and firmware automatically from Web.


    Print Options include User Inter-changeable Inkjet, Thermal and DyeSub:
    Choose your printer or printers based on your print needs and budget

    System able to automatically print high resolution and / or high speed text labels directly onto disc media

    Surething Label Design software:
    Supports the most popular graphics files(such as .pdf, .prn, .std, etc. files)

    Supports Serial # / Barcode Printing:
    Able to generate unique bar code or serial numbers printed on each individual disc

    Quick Text Printing (Text Overlapping):
    Able to add quick text printing in addition to provided label artwork


    Hi-speed 24/7 operation:
    Able to perform constantly 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without fear of overheating with quick reliable robotic operation.

    Friendly Interface:
    All job functions and system alerts operate in an easy to use and similar user interface for convenience and ease of use

    Proven Technology:
    In business over 30 years and designed and manufactured in the USA our systems are renowned for their stability, performance and reliability.

    Model DM-1200P Automated CD DVD Publisher  
    Print Options Inkjet, Thermal, DyeSub
    Number of Drives 2
    Maximum Disc Capacity 300 Discs
    Drive Interface Serial ATA (SATA)
    Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Built-In 500GB

    Supported Media

    DVDR Video (Unprotected) (DVD models only)
    ISO / UDF Bridge (DVDR models only)
    CD ROM Mode 1
    CD Enhanced / Extra
    Mixed Mode
    Photo CD
    Video CD
    CD ROM XA Mode 2
    ISO 9660
    CD-I (Form 1 & Form 2)
    Rockridge / UFS
    HFS (MAC)
    CD-DA (CD Digital Audio) w/ISRC Subindex & UPC code support Hybrid
    Operating System  Windows PRO
    Weight 38 lbs / 17.3 kg
    Dimensions 22" W x 16" H x 22" D


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