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SySTOR 1 to 7 Blu-ray BDXL Disc Duplicator + USB/SD/CF to DVD Backup Copier Tower (BD-MBC-7)

SySTOR 1 to 7 Blu-ray BDXL Disc Duplicator + USB/SD/CF to DVD Backup Copier Tower (BD-MBC-7)
    Price: $1,550.00

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    Code: BD-MBC-7


    1 to 7 Blu-ray BDXL/DVD/CD Duplicator USB/CF/SD to DVD/BD Backup Center


    Back up your important data from erasable memory cards or flash drives to archival CD's or DVD's! The new Duplicator Media Backup Center is your all-in-one, stand alone solution for data backup and disc duplication. No hard drive required, the Duplicator Media Backup Center has a compact and stylish design with multiple memory card and USB drive readers built-in. Intelligent Multi-Session and Disc Spanning Technologies make data transfer as easy as one touch of a button. The Duplicator Media Backup Center is also a disc duplicator that copy up to one disc at a time. Be the first to experience all the benefits that Duplicator Media Backup Center has to offer.


    • USB/SD/CF/MS/MMC to Disc Duplication.
    • Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplication: Proven performance & compatibility (Disc to disc duplication or Hard drive to disc duplication)
    • Multi-Session Technology: Permits several memory cards or USB stick drives to be backed up and placed onto a CD or DVD disc
    • Disc Spanning: Allows large file capacity flash memory media to be backed up onto more than 1 CD or DVD disc if the disc cannot contain all the flash memory data

    CD/DVD Copy to CD/DVD/BD


    Multi-Session Technology


    Disc Spanning



    Duplicates Audio CD, Video CD, DVD Video,BD and virtually any data disc in a matter of minutes without a computer.   Backup multiple small capacity memory cards or USB drives into one CD, DVD or BD disc.   Automatically distributes files to multiple target discs when copying a memory card with more data than one disc can hold.

    The Blu-Ray Disc duplicator offers a high speed 14X blu-ray burners with a high-definition optical disc burning quality suitable for anyone involved in disc duplication. The user-friendly LCD provides a simple interface with a 128MB buffer that burns Blu-Ray, DVD, and CD blank discs at an optimal speed. Burning speeds are adjustable and other standard menu features are available for advanced users. Inside the copy tower itself, different Blu-Ray, BD-XL, DVD, and CD formats are automatically detected to allow stable and secure buffer under run protected burning. This machine supports a BD-XL technology. BD-XL is a multi-layer recordable disc that can hold a capacity of up to 128GB. The BD-XL comes in two formats, a Triple-layer which can hold up to 100GB capacity and a Quad-layer that can hold up to 128GB. The professional quality and performance of this duplication equipment ensures a fast, reliable solution for duplication runs whether burning be performed at home, office, or studio.

    -A complete standalone 14X Blu-ray BD / BD-XL / CD / DVD Duplicator with a 128mb buffer speed for high speed blu-ray disc duplication.
    -Supports BD-XL, a blu-ray disc with multi-layer recordable format that holds up to 128GB of capacity.
    -Support BD-R, BD-RE, BD-R DL, BE-RE DL, BDXL, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD+R Double Layer, DVD-R Dual Layer, Mini DVD-R, CD-DA, Video CD, Photo CD (Single & Multi-session),
     CD-TEXT, CD-Extra, CD-R, CD-RW, Business Card CD-R, 3-Inch Mini CD-R
    -Burning Speed: For CD 2-4 Minutes, For DVD 5-8 Minutes. For BD 30-60 Minutes. Does not copy protected disc (Rented disc or Store bought disc).
    -1 year labor & 1 year parts warranty / Lifetime technical support.


    Operating Type
    Complete Standalone (No PC Required)
    Writing Method
    Disk at Once (DAO) & Track at Once (TAO)
    Backup Method
    Single Session / Multi-Session / Disc Spanning
    Supported Source Formats
    USB Slot
    USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0

    SD Slot
    SD, SD Pro, Mini SD*, Mini SD Pro*, Micro SD*,
    SD HS, WI-FI SD, Super HS SD (*Adapter Required)

    CF Slot
    CF I, CFII, IBM Micro Drive

    MS Slot
    MS, MS-Duo, MS Pro, MS Pro Duo, MS MagicGate,
    MS Pro MagicGate, MS-Duo MagicGate,
    MS Pro Duo MagicGate

    MMC Slot

    Blu-ray BDXL/M-Disc/DVD/CD Drive
    BD-RE (SL/DL/TL) Double Layer DVD+R Dual Layer DVD-R DVD-R, DVD-RW DVD+R, DVD+RW CD-R, CD-RW
    Supported Recording Discs
    CD-R/RW/ROM, CD-DA, Video CD
    Max Writing Speed
    14x BD-R, 12x BD-R DL, 6x  BD-R TL, 6x  BD-R QL/XL
    2x  BD-RE SL/DL/TL, 16x DVD±R, 8x  DVD±DL, 6x  DVD-RW,
    8x  DVD+RW, 5x  DVD-RAM, 48x CD-R, 24x CD-RW
    System Memory
    2 x 16 Backlit LCD
    4 Buttons
    Power Requirement
    115V / 230V
    Operating Humidity
    20% ~ 80%
    Operating Temperature
    41F ~ 104F
    Safety Regulation
    FCC, CE